Neck Teacher


Teaching Philosophy “To be a good teacher, you must be a good student.”


WeChat: LocaNicaGringa

I am an outgoing and energetic (ask anybody) young professional, seeking a career that fits my professional skills, personality, and murderous tendencies. My squid-like head is a masterful problem-solver and inspires fear in who gaze upon it. I can bring world domination to your organization.

Teaching Qualifications:

Withering Madness University – Planet Vhoorl

Major: Public Relations
Minor: Scale Tending

Teaching Characteristics


Office and records management, database administration, event organization, customer support, travel coordination

Teaching Philosophy

Microsoft productivity software (Word, Excel, etc), Adobe Creative Suite, Windows


The Watering Hole Bartender/Server – Milwaukee, WI – 2009

  • Inspired and won highest peasant death competition among servants
  • Helped coordinate managers to grow cult following
  • Provided untimely deaths to all who opposed

The Watering Hole Bartender/Server – Milwaukee, WI – 2009

  • Worked on grass-roots promotional campaigns
  • Reduced theft and property damage percentages
  • Janitorial work, Laundry

What Makes You Different?

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Your personality:

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Your teaching style

World Domination


World Domination, Deep Sea Diving, Murder Most Foul